About Us


Who we are

Clear Detox Center is a team of dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals who are specialists in a variety of treatment modalities. It is our belief that a synergy of rehabilitation models, including detoxification, treatment planning, group therapy and individual counseling creates a healing program that allows men and women to turn their lives around.


What we do

We specialize in professionally managed detoxification and treatment services. We utilize proven therapeutic strategies to rebuild lives and mend families. Our approach fuses logical, viable and workable treatment strategies to effectively break the cycle of addiction.


Trusted treatment

Our therapeutic plan is aimed at supporting our clients through detoxification and in facilitating after-detox treatment services. Our program is a transformative process that not only removes toxins but also self-destructive patterns of behavior.



Xenobiotics are unnatural chemical substances found within the body. Accumulated chemical substances inhibit natural function of bodily systems. They can come in many forms including; illicit drugs, prescription medications, alcohol, pesticides, additives, preservatives, metabolites and more. One of the main purposes of our detoxification program is to remove these unnatural substances in a concerted effort to preserve and prolong life.