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It’s time to act

Don’t delay. Addiction does not get better with age. It is one of the most persistent health problems and if it is not properly treated it can reemerge again and again. Which is likely to shorten a person’s lifespan by decades.

Addiction can also lead to personality changes that can turn into more serious mental health issues down the road. Chemically induced personality changes may also contribute to behavioral problems especially when dealing with family, friends and co-workers. These types of problems are often displayed as guarded, defensive and moody behavior. Addiction can also reduce inspiration and motivation, and contribute to violence at home.

About treatment


Addiction treatment addresses the core aspects of recovery; physical, psychological, social and spiritual. Treatment combines the power of information, education and counseling to transform lives. It is designed to promote a sense of personal responsibility and social accountability.

Regardless if an individual is trying to get clean and sober for the first time or ready to try it again – it’s best not to do it alone. Most people need professional help to stop. That’s what Orange County Detox is all about.


Alcohol and drug detox is the first line of defense. It’s designed to help men and women attain sobriety so that therapeutic measures can be of maximum benefit. It should be noted that untreated or poorly treated withdrawal symptoms motivate people to leave treatment early. That’s why we make sure that detox is both safe and comfortable.

Addiction treatment

No single treatment approach is right for everyone. With that being said, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven itself extremely effective for handling addiction problems. CBT is intensive therapy designed to reveal and repair deep-rooted issues. It helps build self-respect, self-confidence and self-esteem. But more importantly it consistently releases men and women from the grip of addiction. In fact, we know of no other addiction treatment approach that produces better results. That’s why we use it.


We create a safe environment for clients to share their truth. We assure clients that they can be honest in treatment – without fear of ridicule, blame or reprisal. We’re aware that some people might be hiding their true feelings out of fear, embarrassment, or some other reason, and we’re careful not to just take what a person says at face value. Whenever possible – we try to see things from the client’s point of view. We maintain focus and eye contact as we acknowledge a client’s comments. We give verbal and nonverbal support and encouragement by acknowledging, nodding and smiling. We also remain attentive and ask for their opinion.

Learn the signs

Many families find it hard to believe that their loved one is involved with drugs or alcohol, but it’s important not to ignore the warning signs.

The signs of drug and alcohol misuse:

1. Slurred speech.

2. Lying or keeping secrets.

3. Manipulating.

4. Stealing.

5. Making excuses.

6. Uncommunicative.

7. Angry and uncooperative.

8. Insomnia or long periods of sleep after insomnia.

9. Moody.

10. Inability to focus.

11. Demotivated.

12. Uncoordinated.

13. Messy appearance.

14. Poor Hygiene.

15. Burns on fingertips or clothes.

16. Track marks on arms or legs.

17. Avoiding eye contact.

18. Going out every night.

19. Clenching teeth.

20. Cash flow problems.

21. Car accidents and dents.

22. Dramatic weight loss.

23. Frequent illness.

24. Nosebleeds.

25. Runny nose.

26. Sweatiness.

27. Getting fired.

28. Loss of interest in hobbies.

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