Heroin Addict Personality Traits

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Can heroin change your personality?

It seems obvious that heroin would adversely affect a person’s personality, mainly because narcotics affect the brain. But the truth is far more complicated. There are three primary elements to heroin related personality change; (1) were either of the heroin addict’s parents an addict, (2) the type of behavior used to acquire heroin, and (3) the physical and mental effects from using heroin.


Personality traits

We now know that there are specific personality traits common to most heroin abusers. These characteristics differ from person to person, but in general, they score very high on Neuroticism, especially Vulnerability to Stress. They also score very low on Conscientiousness, particularly Competence, Achievement-Striving, and Deliberation.



We know that heroin addiction is both a positive and negative reinforced behavior. Just about any heroin addict will tell you that heroin consumption produces immense pleasure. They’ll also tell you that whenever they run out of heroin it produces immense pain. If they do run out, they develop withdrawal symptoms, and it is the fear of withdrawal, coupled with the memory of pleasure that creates cravings. Heroin cravings develop into a tenacious drive to find heroin, a compulsive desire to use heroin, and an inability to control intake. Furthermore, whenever a heroin addict is deprived of heroin he or she will slip into a negative emotional state that is unique to opioid addicts.

Characteristics of a Heroin Addict

  • Tenacious seeking of heroin
  • Compulsive use of heroin
  • Inability to control intake of heroin
  • The emergence of a negative emotional state whenever deprived of heroin



If you’re among heroin addicts for any substantial length of time, you’ll notice that many heroin addicts are criminals. Some are murderers, and others shoplifters. We know that about 95% of heroin addicts admit to some degree of criminality. The interesting thing about criminality is that it often leads to fear, paranoia, anger, arguments and violence.



Heroin addicts are, for the most part, unhappy, distrusting, introverted, and anti-social. They often exhibit various degrees of criminal behavior. Heck, they admit that much. To top it all off, many heroin addicts have lost their sex drive altogether. Reduced libido is so prevalent among heroin addicts that it’s the common joke whenever heroin addicts socialize among one another, but more so among male heroin addicts.